Clip Styles

Clip Styles


French Barrette

Depending on the thickness of your cutie's hair, French Barrettes are a great clip option for older girls or even little ones with enough hair to pull into a ponytail.  I like to say that the French Barrettes have more "staying power" than the Alligator Clips which might slip around or fall out with active older kiddos!


Alligator Clip

Our Alligator-Style Single Prong "Clippie".  It is partially lined with matching ribbon.  This clip is probably our BEST seller because it is so easy to slide into your sweetie's hair.  You just pinch the end and slide it into loose hair or put her hair in a ponytail and slide it right in front of the ponytail in between the elastic.  We buy the very best we can find and these really hold snugly.


Pony O

Pony O elastics are great for cheerleading and dance when a clip won't work.  These are offered in two colors - black or white - coordinating with your bow or ponytail streamer.